Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Tangle-Shingle-by Maria Copetas

I was playing around with some grid patterns and came across a pattern in some wallpaper that seemed perfect for a grid. It is very similar to the official Zentangle pattern called Flukes, but I think this is sufficiently different in construction and outcome to qualify as a different tangle.  I draw the grid in pencil, although you could just as easily draw it in pen for a different look.


  1. Maria - such a complex looking tangle broken down to easy steps! Thank you. I can see this being a great filler pattern for the sheet of coloured squared scrapbooking paper I bought yesterday with the vague intention of finding appropriate tangles to work on it. Jakki

  2. A lovely pattern, especially with the shading. I would find it easier just to add the three sides inside each 'brick'.