Monday, August 20, 2012

You're invited to a party!

Here's you very own, personal invitation to a Fairy Tea Party! Everyone's invited to this special blog party!  Head on over to Inspiration Avenue and let them know you'll be attending on September 23, 2012!  There will be lots of fun, freebies and giveaways for you.  Join in the festivities today!

Very-very close to us in their fascinating parallel world live fairies. You can find them in the silken silence of beautiful flowers, near the forest silver lake late at night, or see their sparkling wings in the gray of the dawn. Fairies look like illusive tender creatures with enormous fiery eyes and ethereal pearl wings. They live near mountain lakes, sleep on beds of green flag leaves, eat pollen and drink morning dew from the blossoms. Early in the morning they are floating in the sky and play hide and seek beneath the whirlpool. This supernatural world is close and at the same time it is inaccessible for us. As usual, fairies hide from hostile human beings, but sometimes it is possible to see them. 

Whether they're in the garden

 In the night,

 In the sun
Or in the sky, fairies will gather together on September 23 to drink tea, eat fanciful desserts and have fun together. See you there!


  1. A beautiful fairy post! Thanks so much for joining our party!!

    See you there on the 23rd :)


  2. Looking forward to having tea with you at the Fairies Tea!

  3. Hi stopping by from Inspiration Avenue. Come by for some puddin n pie

  4. oh yes thank you for joining us!!!